Cam Newton on Those Versace Pants, Race in America, and Whether He Would Let His Kid Play Football

August 19, 2016

He isn’t going to stop being great at football—15-1 last season, near unanimous MVP, a scorched-earth run to the Super Bowl—and he isn’t going to stop reveling in his own greatness at football. He isn’t going to stop celebrating after touchdowns and wins, or walking off podiums in angry silence after his team loses. Cam, in other words, is still going to be Cam. And he won’t stop until he gets the ending right.

Cam Newton carries an iPad with him in a case displaying the logo of Super Bowl 50—the game his Panthers lost in excruciating fashion, after which he went home and cried and cried and cried, until 4 a.m. came and he didn’t have any more tears left. He keeps a to-do list tucked into the iPad case, like he’s about to go run errands with the other suburban wives having lunch at this restaurant in Buckhead, the Atlanta neighborhood 25 miles from where he grew up and where he now owns an off-season home, and in time he shows me what’s on it. A white piece of paper covered in neat, tiny handwriting, Cam reading aloud from it. “Gotta get a truck tag. Gotta go to the bank. Got to…oh, send an e-mail about the play diagrams. Gotta go get my watches wound. Gotta go to the dry cleaner.” Gotta get in some quality time with his infant son, Chosen. Gotta do this interview....

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